We nurture an innovative, entrepreneurial approach to product design and development. We invest our energy in and broaden the vision of our clients, empowering their team to achieve and invent, finding efficiencies in existing products, lowering costs, adding features that position products competitively, and creating new products that disrupt markets and open significant new revenue streams.

  • World class experts with highest degrees in their field
  • Managed network of over 250 engineers in the Americas, Europe, and Asia to meet a wide range of expertise demands
  • Highest level of industry and academic experience to leverage open innovation
  • History of highly-successful, award-winning commercialized innovation (see some of our testimonials and success stories here)
  • Simple, practical, proven solutions
  • Significant experience in going deep in support of the customer, beyond recommendations for action to partnership in rapid open innovation idea commercialization

How does NurturEnergy Work ?


Our development process begins with identifying the project requirements, including working with our clients to develop clear, achievable system specifications, prototypes, and detailed documentation.

After our milestones have been achieved, we begin project implementation, including completing system designs, developing simulations and models, prototypes, using our range of laboratory capacity, conducting product testing, and thoroughly documenting the development process.

Working with our experts in quality assurance, verification involves using our Quality Assurance staff to develop product testing procedures, assembly procedures, and QA procedures.

Production completes the process with identification of manufacturing facilities, developing tooling, fixtures, and test equipment, generatingdetailed reports, and delivering a project data package upon project completion.We carry out conceptual studies and create a product plan.


Rapid Prototyping and Pilot Production Processes

Prototyping is an integral and vital part of NurturEnergy’s product development process. Creating prototypes at various stages helps the development team identify potential challenges and optimization opportunities in ways that sketching and computer modeling cannot.

Prototypes developed at NurturEnergy range from simple lab test models, to fully functional trade show quality samples. These models are used to test and confirm a variety of product characteristics including: ergonomics, fit and finish, color scheme, electro/mechanical function, consumer response, among others.


NurturEnergy is engaged to make prototypes and samples of a wide variety of product types. While prototyping has its limits, we pride ourselves on finding creative solutions to our clients needs.

For some programs, a larger number of samples are needed prior to full production engagement. These pilot production units are fundamentally identical to full production products, but can be made in quantities of dozens, hundreds, or thousands. Clients often use pilot production units to conduct field testing, limited marketing and deployment, or sampling to buyers.

NurturEnergy can produce pilot production runs very quickly, sometimes going from rough concept to hundreds of samples in a few weeks. Our speed and flexibility enable our clients to initiate acceptance or performance testing at early project stages. Give us a call and let us prove our value to your project


Some of the processes that we can prototype include:

  • CNC Machining (Metal, Plastic, and other materials)
  • Welding
  • Thermoforming
  • Sheet Metal bending, stamping, and forming
  • Finishing and Painting
  • Assembly
  • Cast Urethanes, SLA, FDM
  • Plating and Anodizing
  • Functional Testing
  • PCB Assemblies
  • Pad Printing
  • Other capabilities are available.

Engineering Design and Simulation


NurturEnergy’s core engineering team, plus our managed network of over 250 engineers and design experts, are experienced in modern design methodologies and have fundamental knowledge of the domain. Their acquaintance with fundamental domain expertise propels them to come up with new and innovative concepts at the component or sub-assembly level itself. These concepts incorporate ease of manufacturing and maintainability. We also prioritize, wherever possible, sustainable design and cradle-to-cradle technologies.

Our engineers are highly experienced in using computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided engineering (CAE), computer-aided animations, computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), computer-aided inspection (CAI), computer-aided testing, and computer-aided data management.

Use of computerized simulation for virtual understanding of product behavior in all design stages helps in quick and sound decision making. Our engineers build mathematical models and apply appropriate field theories to represent physical behavior using digital tools such as computer-aided engineering, finite element methods and numerical analysis techniques. The modeling and simulations that NurturEnergy’s team implements allows us to predict and avoid problems at the prototype level, increasing speed-to-market, and saving resources.

NurturEnergy uses advanced product life cycle management (PLM) tools and techniques throughout product design and development. Decision matrices stored in these archives help in avoiding costly errors during product improvements. This improves overall knowledge enhancement and utilization. Our engineers are trained in development of data management methods – tools and linking the design data to manufacturing systems defined by the customers.

Product Strategy

We have years of experience working with entrepreneurs and startups, as well as with multi-billion dollar conglomerates, in developing the best products based on asking the right questions about innovation, barriers to entry, regulatory environment, market demand, and many other areas.

NurturEnergy engages with clients at the strategic level to help ensure that we are answering real questions and developing the right products – products we should create, not just products we can create.

The NurturEnergy team, using its Open Innovation approach, sometimes partners with specialized market research firms, regulatory experts, or other appropriate third parties to deliver the highest-value service to your team.

The commercial potential of each product, and the sustainability and growth of your company, are always our fundamental goals.


Design, Enginering, and Manufacturing Audits


For a resonable fixed fee, the NurturEnergy team will conduct a thorough design audit of your existing product, design, or concept. This service is especially important if your product was designed by an off shore factory, or if you just want a second opinion before spending massive amounts of money on tooling and production.

Some specific elements of this service include analysis of the product relative to the client’s market and business goals, analysis of ergonomics, interface, human factors, and review and analysis of material choices, color schemes, logo placement, and labeling. NurturEnergy will conclude with a report of all analysis plus recommendations for improvements.

NurturEnergyalso offers technical audits for new products. This service is valuable prior to tooling and production, but is also useful to diagnose problems that are discovered after production is underway. An early audit can save huge expenses and headaches later in the production process.

Specific areas of analysis include Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (DFMEA), cost reduction analysis, and safety analysis. Additionally, the NurturEnergy team will conduct an engineering quality detail audit to identify possible issues such as acoustic problems, needless assembly complexity, possible manufacturing defects, and other problems. The audit will include, if necessary, the creation or refinement of the Functional Specification Document, the Testing Plan, and the Manufacturing Documentation.

At the strategic level, NurturEnergy partners with clients to assess new product development opportunities, productization paths for new technologies and materials, and innovation management approaches.

New Technology Development

As an Open Innovation company whose core team has decades of commercialized innovation under their belts, and patents in a range of industries, NurturEnergy innovates far beyond form and function. Our Technology Development team is a fully integrated part of NurturEnergy’s product development organization. This team allows us to take ideation, innovation, and product development processes into the realms of chemistry, formulation development, material science, biological sciences, and new technology creation. We combine product innovation methodology with rigorous scientific method, and help our clients make a faster connection between research and revenue.


Some of the processes that we can prototype include:

By integrating science and technology development into the product development process, NurturEnergy is able to innovate in ways that our competitors cannot. Our team takes a holistic, complete development approach to programs that involve the development of new chemistry or material applications combined with strong design, engineering, and manufacturing.

Specific areas of expertise include chemistry, formulations, material sciences, biological sciences. Our services include the following:

  • Material and Chemical Analysis
  • Material and Chemical Ideation and Innovation
  • Design of Experiments and Analytical Data Analysis
  • Formulation Development
  • Application Development and Refinement
  • Process Development

Industrial Design

NurturEnergy’s award winning industrial design team plays a critical role in many of our client’s product development programs. Of course our designers have a highly developed sensitivity to good aesthetics and form, but unlike a boutique design firm, our team also has a high level of technical sensibility. We’re not just out to design a pretty package, but develop an outstanding, functional, and marketable product as fast and as sustainably as possible. We work hard to ensure that your product concepts combine the excitement of inspired design with the practicality of manufacturability and cost sensitivity.


Our team is talented, experienced, and focused on the success of your program. Many of NurturEnergy’s designers have graduate degrees or multiple degrees in related fields. Some of the industrial design group’s specific areas of focus include: aesthetic and form development, product-brand alignment, user-centered design, ergonomics and human factors, interface design, feature development, and idea generation.

NurturEnergy’s proven design process focuses on broad ideation balanced with disciplined decision-making. We confirm business goals, target markets, manufacturing capabilities, cost projections, and project requirements. You will have a clear design direction and collateral that may be used for concept presentation to executives, buyers, potential licensors, focus groups, and market researchers. Concept solutions that emerge from NurturEnergy’s design process are viable and complete, with clear paths to production and commercialization.

Product Engineering

NurturEnergy’s engineering team is thorough, fast, and detail oriented, all critical traits for a successful product launch. Our team includes a combination of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, biomedical engineers, and manufacturing experts.

Prototypes developed at NurturEnergy range from simple lab test models, to fully functional trade show quality samples. These models are used to test and confirm a variety of product characteristics including: ergonomics, fit and finish, color scheme, electro/mechanical function, consumer response, among others.


design controls, established quality control methods such as DFMEA, iterative experimentation and prototype development, and a strong focus on client goals.

The NurturEnergy team has created highly efficient and complicated mechanisms with several dozen moving parts and developed products to withstand the most grueling environmental conditions. We have engineered devices under the most rigid compliance specifications with ease and precision. But we’ve also optimized products to drive every unnecessary cent from the manufacturing cost.

Specific engineering services performed by the NurturEnergy team include:

  • Technical Problem Solving
  • Advanced Computer Aided Design
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Performance Optimization
  • Cost Optimization
  • Design and Optimization for Manufacture
  • DFMEA (Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) and similar design quality approaches
  • Iterative Prototype Development and Testing
  • Performance Testing and Development of Acceptance Test Protocols
  • Design Documentation including Drawings, Product Specs, and Test Specs
  • Manufacturing Coordination and Planning

Services for Startups and Entrepreneurs

NurturEnergy enables start-ups and dynamic new companies to leverage the strength of a full service product development and manufacturing organization. Our process has been streamlined around the needs of start-up companies, with special emphasis applied toward viability analysis, prototyping, fundraising support, and pilot production. We have helped numerous entrepreneurs and new companies launch their product businesses, reach the market, and achieve success.


We’re entrepreneurs too, and we understand your passion and your sacrifice. We are on your side. We’ll work our hardest to make you succeed.

The NurturEnergyteam has significant experience supporting startups and nurturing their projects from idea to prototype to commercialized product. We understand that few startups have the luxury of significant capital, and that they are operating on a tight timeline.


We offer a range of services specifically geared for startups:

  • Product or Business Feasibility Studies
  • Rapid Product Development and Speed-to-Market
  • Full Service, Fast Prototyping
  • Manufacturing and Fulfillment
  • Unbiased Assessments (see Our Shared Values)

NurturEnergy wants you to be successful, and we want to be a part of that success. We refuse to draw out a project when barriers to entry are insurmountable, and the best decision is to cut bait. We are on your side.